Classics Program

At McMaster University, our Classics programs allow Classics major and minor students to explore a variety of courses including history, archaeology, philology and more. 


Our undergraduate Classics programs require students to take courses in history, archaeology and philology (i.e. Latin and/or Greek) in order to provide a solid foundation for those who wish to pursue higher degrees.


Students in a Classics Program may choose courses from the following subfields:

  • Ancient History and Society
  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Classical Archaeology and Art History
  • Classical Literature in Translation
  • Greek Language and Literature
  • Latin Language and Literature


With the approval of the Department of Classics and the Associate Dean of Humanities, students who have completed 60 units of work in any Honours Program in Classics may replace all or part of their Level III work by courses of study at another university or equivalent institution abroad. Consult the Classics Department for further details. 


Students may receive up to 6 units of credit for archaeological digs and field work at an approved Classical site. Consult the Classics Department for further details.


Students intending to do graduate work in the field of Classics should note that most universities offering such programs require undergraduate work in Greek and Latin for admission. These students are strongly encouraged to include Greek and Latin courses as early as possible in their program. Students intending to do graduate work in the field of Classics are also strongly encouraged to include a thesis course (CLASSICS 4T06) in the final level of their program.


Students wishing to enter into a Classics major will apply at the end of their first year. Application for Admission to Level II will occur in mid-March on the Mosaic student information system. Visit the ‘Choosing Your Program’ guide for more information.


NOTE: All courses listed in the calendar are not always offered every year.

About First Year

Students entering into the Faculty of Humanities in their first year take a general program. This allows students to explore various options and experience a wide range of courses. At the end of the first year, students can then choose to major in a Classics program.

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