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Sean Corner, Ph.D. (Princeton)

Associate Dean (Academic), Humanities
Associate Professor
Phone: 905-525-9140 x26470
Office: Togo Salmon Hall 710

Dr. Corner studies political society and culture in Archaic Greece and Classical Greece. His research draws on social theory and integrates literary and material sources to analyze the social structure and political values of the citizen-state. He is concerned especially with the inter-relationship of private, social and public life in the construction of political community. He is currently writing a monograph for Oxford University Press provisionally entitled The Greek Symposium and the Origins of the Polis. The book analyzes the meaning and function of the Greek banquet in Archaic Society and asks what light this sheds on the origins and development of the Greek polis. It argues that the rituals of dinner provided a sentimental education in citizenship and that the dinning room was a key space for the building of civic community.

Areas of Interest:

Greek history: origins and development of the polis; political society and culture; civic and private life; Athenian democracy


Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Princeton University, 2005

M.A. Princeton University, 2000

B.A. University of Oxford, 1995



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In Progress:

The Greek Symposium and the Origins of the Polis, under contract with Oxford University Press (USA)