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Numismatic Research in the Department of Greek & Roman Studies

The Department of Greek & Roman Studies engages in numismatic research both inside and outside of the classroom. Although small in size, coins reflect the political, economic and artistic spheres of ancient cultures and serve as tangible reminders of daily life in antiquity. At McMaster, undergraduate and graduate students can carry out hands-on investigations of Greek, Roman and Byzantine coinage through the Bruce Brace Coin Collection at the McMaster Museum of Art. 

The Department of Greek & Roman Studies has a particular research strength in ancient numismatics, under the umbrella of the Centre for Ancient Numismatics, a recognized McMaster Research Centre. Current and former numismatic research projects in the department include:


  • “The Empress Sabina: Portraiture and Coinage” Fae Amiro (McMaster PhD student)
  • “Coin Finds from the Villa di Tito Excavations” Robyn Bachmeier (McMaster MA student)
  • “Coins of Butting-Bull type in Magna Grecia and Sicily” Chris He (McMaster MA student)
  • “The Coinage of Hadrian” Martin Beckmann (SSHRC Insight Grant funded project)

Former Projects:

“Faustina the Younger: Coinage, Portraits and Public Image”
Martin Beckmann (completed 2019)

“It Takes Money to Make Money: Die Engravers and the Production of Greek Coins,”
Spencer Pope (completed 2019)

“The Coinage of Lucilla”

Shereen Fayeed (McMaster B.A. student, Undergraduate Student Research Award, completed 2016)