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“Villa di Tito” Archaeological Project and Field-School 2019

Dr. Martin Beckmann will be holding an information session for students interested in participating in the project on December 6, 2:30pm in TSH 701.

The “Villa di Tito” (Villa of Titus) is located in the valley of the Velino river about 15km east of the small city of Rieti, itself 75km north-east of Rome. The visible remains consist of a large, 60m long concrete terrace projecting from the side of the valley, overlooking Lake Cutilia (modern Lake Paterno), which was thought of by the local inhabitants (the Samnites) in ancient times as the “navel of Italy”. The site was occupied from the late Republican through the Imperial period, when it was in close proximity to a large mineral water bathing complex at Aquae Cutiliae. Suetonius records that the emperor Vespasian died after too much bathing in cold water at Aquae Cutiliae, near where he had a country estate. It is possible that the villa was an imperial property.

Work at the site, directed by Dr. Beckmann (McMaster) and Dr. Myles McCallum (Saint Mary’s University) began in 2018 and will continue in 2019, from May 20 to June 21, and will involve surface survey and excavation atop the terrace structure. The project will be run as a field school, offering a 3-unit 4th year McMaster course credit (Classics 4FP3, Field Practicum in Classical Archaeology). Students will learn a broad range of archaeological techniques, particularly excavation and field survey, recording techniques (including digital techniques), and artefact processing and analysis.

For information: info meeting Thursday December 6, 2:30pm, TSH 701. Or contact Dr. Beckmann ( Prospective student participants must submit an application form (available from Dr. Beckmann) by January 22, 2019.