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Department of Classics, Faculty of Humanities


Prof. Paolo Carafa

“Atlas and Biography of Ancient Rome”

November 1st, 2018

7:00pm (reception at 6:30pm)

Great Hall of The University Club of McMaster, Alumni Memorial Hall


Paolo Carafa is Full Professor of Classical Archaeology at The University of Rome, “La Sapienza.” Prof. Carafa is engaged in studies of Roman Topography, Etruria in Etruscan and Roman periods (territory of Volterra), Basilicata (so-called Melfese area), Calabria (mainly ancient Sibaritide), Roman Suburbium in the Roman era and the analysis of monumental complexes in different urban centres of ancient Italy (Rome, northern slopes of the Palatine since 1987, Volterra 1987-1994, Pompeii since 1994, Veii since 1996, Rome, domus Augustana on the Palatine Hill since 2009). Since 2005 he has coordinated research projects dedicated to Roman urban landscapes and the architecture of ancient Latium. Together with the field operations, he has been involved in coordinating scientific research teams since 1986 with the aim of reconstructing the topography and landscapes through different phases of antiquity.

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