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Dr. Angela Hug is joining the Department of Classics at McMaster University as a SSHRC Post-Doctoral Fellow.

Angela Hug is an ancient historian whose research focuses on the socio-cultural meanings and constraints of marriage and fertility in the Roman world. The heart of her SSHRC postdoctoral project is the univira (literally “one-man woman”), a woman who married only once in her lifetime. The univira, commended in ancient sources for her conjugal loyalty, is a curious cultural archetype in a society where remarriage was common and human fertility (fecunditas) was both central to the Romans’ construction of their culture and the foundation on which their perception of the strength of their state rested. The praise for such a woman highlights the conflicting pressures imposed by Roman society. Hug’s project uses the cultural stereotype of the univira as a means of exploring the contradictions within the social construction of marriage, widowhood, and motherhood in the Roman family. It is also a study of the issues concerning family formation, divorce and familial dislocation, and the preservation and transmission of property.

Dr. Hug completed her BA at Queens, M Phil at Oxford, and PhD at York University in Toronto.

“I’m very pleased to be associated with such a vibrant and respected Classics Department. I’m looking forward to working with my supervisor, Michele George, and to being part of the McMaster Classics community for the next two years.” – Dr. Angela Hug