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This month members of the McMaster Department of Classics will be travelling to Italy to begin an exciting new research project.

The McMaster Metaponto Archaeological Project, directed by Prof. Spencer Pope of McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada), is an archaeological survey project that, beginning in spring 2017, through the courteous permission of the Superintendency of Archaeology, Fine Arts, and Territory of the Region of Basilicata, is investigating the territory of the ancient Greek colony of Metaponto located in the modern city of Pisticci.

The research aims to reconstruct the ancient countryside through the study of the first Greek settlement in indigenous territory and then to investigate the modality of land use and agricultural production of Metaponto. The survey work is being performed by an international team that includes both Canadian and Italian scholars.

The project developed in collaboration with the Institute of Classical Archaeology (ICA) of the University of Texas at Austin under the direction of Prof. Joseph Carter, and integrates new data with archaeological surveys carried out in the area between the Basento and Cavone Rivers. The research team includes Prof. Amedeo Rossi, Dr. Cesare D’Annibale, and graduate students in the Dept. of Classics at McMaster University: Jayden Lloyd, Nicolas MacKenzie, and Miranda Siklenka.