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Fall 2018-Winter 2019 Course Listing


Term 1

CLASSICS 1A03 Introduction to Classical Archaeology, Dr. Michele George

CLASSICS 1B03 Introduction to Ancient Myth and Literature, Dr. Mariapia Pietropaolo

CLASSICS 1M03 History of Greece and Rome (online), Dr. Kyle McLeister

CLASSICS 2B03 Greek Art, Amanda Hardman

CLASSICS 2E03 The Ancient World in Film, Amanda Devitt

CLASSICS 2LC3 History of Rome to the Dictatorship of Caesar, Dr. Patricia White

CLASSICS 2MT3 Ancient Roots of Medical Terminology (C01 and C02), Dr. Stephen Russell

CLASSICS 3S03 – Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Ostia, Dr. Michele George

CLASSICS 3YY3 – Ovid, Dr. Mariapia Pietropaolo

CLASSICS 4L03 – Athenian Democracy, Dr. Jonathan Reeves

GREEK 1Z03 Beginners’ Introduction to Ancient Greek 1, Dr. Jonathan Reeves

GREEK 2A03 Intermediate Greek 1, Dr. Patricia White

GREEK 3AA3 Greek Prose, Dr. Jonathan Reeves

LATIN 1Z03 Beginners’ Introduction to Latin 1, Dr. Patricia White (C01) and Fae Amiro (C02)

LATIN 2A03 Intermediate Latin 1, Dr. Claude Eilers

LATIN 3AA3 Latin Prose, Dr. Claude Eilers


Term 2

CLASSICS 1M03 History of Greece and Rome, Dr. Jonathan Reeves

CLASSICS 2C03 Roman Art, Dr. Martin Beckmann

CLASSICS 2D03 Greek and Roman Mythology, Dr. Patricia White

CLASSICS 2K03 Society of Greece and Rome, Amanda Devitt

CLASSICS 2LD3 History of Rome from the Dictatorship of Caesar, Dr. Patricia White

CLASSICS 2MT3 Ancient Roots of Medical Terminology, Amanda Hardman (C01) and Dr. Stephen Russell (C02)

CLASSICS 2YY3 Greek Tragedy, Dr. Stephen Russell

CLASSICS 3EE3 The Greek Historians, Dr. Jonathan Reeves

CLASSICS 3MT3 Advanced Ancient Roots of Medical Terminology, Dr. Stephen Russell

CLASSICS 3Q03 Greek Sanctuaries, Dr. Spencer Pope

CLASSICS 4BB3 Seminar in Ancient Art Dr. Michele George

CLASSICS 4F03 Seminar in Ancient History, Dr. Angela Hug

GREEK 1ZZ3 Beginners’ Introduction to Ancient Greek 2, Amanda Hardman

GREEK 2AA3 Intermediate Greek 2, Dr. Jonathan Reeves

GREEK 3E03 Topics in Greek Poetry, Dr. Mariapia Pietropaolo

LATIN 1ZZ3 Beginners’ Introduction to Latin 2, Dr. Patricia White

LATIN 2AA3 Intermediate Latin 2, Dr. Martin Beckmann

LATIN 3H03 Topics in Latin Poetry, Dr. Mariapia Pietropaolo