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List of courses for session Winter 2017

CLASSICS 1M03 HistoryOfGreece&Rome, Dr. Claude Eilers, Term Winter

CLASSICS 2C03 RomanArt, Dr. Martin Beckmann, Term Fall

CLASSICS 2E03 AncntWrldInFilm, Dr. Jonathan Reeves, Term Fall

CLASSICS 2K03 Society:Greece&Rome, Prof. Barbara Scarfo, Term Winter

CLASSICS 2LD3 HistofRomefrDictofCaesar, Dr. Patricia White, Term Winter

CLASSICS 2MT3 AncientRoots:MedTerminology, Dr. Stephen Russell, Term Winter

CLASSICS 3Q03 GreekSanctuaries, Dr. Spencer Pope, Term Fall

CLASSICS 3S03 Pompeii,Herculaneum,Ostia, Dr. Michele George, Term Fall

CLASSICS 4L03 AthenianDemocracy, Dr. Sean Corner, Term Winter

CLASSICS 4MR3 TheMyth&RealityOfTroy, Dr. Kathryn Mattison, Term Winter

GREEK 1ZZ3 BegIntnAncGrk2, Dr. Jonathan Reeves, Term Fall

GREEK 2AA3 IntermedGreekII, Dr. Spencer Pope, Term Winter

GREEK 3B03 GreekEpic, Prof. Sveva Savelli, Term Winter

LATIN 1ZZ3 Begin:Int.LatinII, Dr. Michele George, Term Winter

LATIN 2AA3 Intermed.LatinII, Dr. Martin Beckmann, Term Fall